No More Tolerance Of SUBVERSION – REGAIN CONTROL NOW Or Lose It For Good

By Rick Wells

The White House is experiencing what happens when you don’t respond forcefully to a threat and nip it in the bud. When you try to play nice with the swamp vermin of the Democrat Party you give them life, you give them energy, and you create a monster that has to be taken down. The Trump administration now realizes they’ve got a monster on their hands. They’d better have also realized they’re going to have to fight.

The monster has many forms and tentacles, which we are all familiar with – Democrats, establishment Republicans, the deep state, the intelligence committees, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and many more. An example of the public face of the coup is the treasonous carnival side show freak playing Congressman, Adam Schiff. He and his Democrats have successfully turned the supposed bi-partisan Russia “perpetual investigation into nothing” into a Democrat hit squad. It’s what we saw coming when they engineered, with the cooperation of an all too-willing Paul Ryan, the exit of Devin Nunes as chairman. Just how long does a fake ethics investigation take, Ryan? About as long as a fake Russia investigation?

Schiff imagines himself the bobble-head for every purpose, sounding like a budget WebMd trained psychiatrist as he analyzes the behavior of Attorney General Sessions in the Blitzer interview, a regular Sigmund Freud. How do you feel about your mother, Schiff? Do you resent your father for using your head as a footstool when you were a child? Are you now taking those aggressions out on the normal people, those Republicans you resent? Did they bully you, call you Stewie Griffin when you were a child?

The attacks on our President have gotten completely out of control. The longer the White House allows these criminal insurgents to commit treason in the form of the combined open and covert insurgencies, the more damage will be done and the more difficult it will be to eliminate them. There must be consequences for their actions. There is no pretending they can simply avoid the problem any longer. That path leads to Nixonville and a successful coup by the Democrats based upon a total fabrication. We Americans aren’t willing to accept that and our President damn well better not be either.

Act now to put a stop to it, President Trump. Call both of the swamp leadership snakes, McConnell and Ryan, in for a heart to heart talk, along with your allies and demand their support. Get the rogue committees under control and end the investigations. Go on national television and tell the American people the names of those who refuse to cooperate, we’ll take care of them when they come home for their August recess.

Next, order, publicly or privately,  the Attorney General to initiate an investigation into the collusion between Lynch and Clinton and whatever culpability James Comey may have.  Perhaps you want to make him a witness with immunity, your AG knows best. Just do it and do it now.

And for crying out loud, Mr. President, order Rosenstein to put an end to this suicidal special prosecutor nonsense immediately. If he says no, can him too. You’ve got all the evidence for a personal conflict of interest that is needed. Act on it.

The subversive BS artist says that Congress cannot let the non-answers stand about whether or not the letters to the President were a pretext for the firing of James Comey. Why? What criminal offense has been committed even if they did write the letters as a pretext? Does the President now work for Adam Schiff, a nobody Congressman from California? Is it the job of the President to satisfy his curiosity? Did Schiff declare the Constitutional separation of powers to no longer be in effect? Who is this POS to be making demands of our President? Does anybody give a rip what this POS declares or thinks? Throw him in prison while he awaits his trail for treason, let him tell us what he thinks then.

This punk’s empty threats, his smug arrogance and his fabricated claims, along with the Fake News CNN propagandists and others, are creating the impression that President Trump has done something wrong when he hasn’t, that he’s unfit for office when he’s the best we could hope for. President Trump does not report to Congress, his is a separate and co-equal branch of government. McConnell and Ryan need to be reminded of that.

This dangerous tolerance of subversives within the government by the Trump administration has to stop. They need to stand up, stand strong and put a stop to this insurrection. Now is the time for action. Call a newsconference, be a leader, act Presidential and put a stop to this before it destroys our last chance at peacefully regaining control of our nation.

It’s your war, Mr. President, but we citizens and our children are the ones who will suffer if you lose it. We voted you into office and we still stand with you, if you will only stand up for yourself – and for us.

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