RUSH: Russia Collusion HOAX Is Now Getting People SHOT

Published on Jun 14, 2017

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Scott Gerlach

Rush how could anyone believe this nonsense? The MSM is so obvious in their lies and propaganda that no one with half a brain could believe this nonsense. But then here we are watching the latest attacks by the left on the right all in the name of Bernie or HRC.

People believe it because they CHOOSE to believe. They hate Trumps character so they want him to fail. Silly shit
Buzz Miller

We have the dishonest criminals putting the honest people on trial. Totally twisted.
Robert Rodriguez

It’s a distraction from hillary and her puppets
fking deplorable

This was made up bullshit from then candidate Hillary and Podesta. I knew it then, what the Dems were trying to do. What’s beyond reproach is supposed Republicans like McCain, Graham and Ryan believing this shit. Plus many Rep. Senators.
David Olinger

Russia had nothing to do with fixing the presidential election, but Hillary Clinton and the DNC fixed everything they could, and Satan’s disciple Hillary still lost. Russia was however happy to see her lose because several times she stated publicly she wanted a war with them, and if she got elected it would happen.

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