Shaffer Dobbs – White House Must Go On Offense – This Is A War, You Lose On Defense

By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs starts off the interview with Lt Col Tony Shaffer with the topic of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings in which Attorney General Jeff Sessions went voluntarily in order to clear up some issues and his good name. Dobbs points out he’s been saying to his audience “this is one of the most upside down things I’ve ever seen in modern American government.”

He continues explaining the bizarre situation, “You have an oversight committee ostensibly investigating interventions, incursions by Russian intelligence into the US elections rather than the 17 intelligence agencies they oversee developing the evidence and putting forward the case. I mean it is strikingly absurd, it is mindless and it so far as been ineffective to the ultimate degree.”

Shaffer notes that it’s also “a monumental waste of time,” that, as Senator Tom Cotton commented, doesn’t rise to the level of credible spy fiction. Shaffer, who happens to write spy fiction, says “if this were a script it wouldn’t make it past the first editor at a book company.” He points out that there is evidence of clear and massive violations, the largest of which, [aside from Hillary Clinton and probably Hussein Obama], have been committed by our intelligence agencies.” Maybe letting them handle the investigation isn’t as good an idea as it initially sounded like.

Shaffer says “The White House needs to get on the offensive,” something many Americans have been urging for months. “There’s like a bushel full of bad things that the White House should be identifying for agencies to go after.” Dobbs points out that “there is not a one of these committees working against a Democrat target. People don’t even talk about that. This is a Republican House, a Republican Senate.” Dobbs and Shaffer just shake their heads with him saying, “I pray it has something to do with IQ but that may be just me.”

Shaffer has three names off the top of his head that should be under investigation, aside from the obvious Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, Jeh Johnson and John Kerry, those of Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and John Brennan. He says, “These are all folks who have participated at some level in unmasking. Right there, just start right there with a basic investigation.”

Dobbs reminds Shaffer, “All three of whom are certified liars, two of them confessed liars.” Shaffer points out how AG Sessions is being pilloried for having been in the same room with an ambassador, as if that is somehow illegal or inappropriate. He agrees, “The Republicans have both houses and what do we do? We’re playing this dramatic spy drama that wouldn’t make it five minutes as an episode of ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’”

He says, “Attorney General Sessions was amazing today, but it was on the defensive. You can only be on the defensive so long before you start losing the war. They’ve got to get on the offensive, they’ve got to do it. It’s a war, they need to win the war.”

Hopefully President Trump caught this episode of the program and is paying attention, for all of our sakes.

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