Why Do Liberals Mock White Gun Owners But Not Gun-Toting Black Gangsta Rappers?

Published on Jun 14, 2017

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“I want to keep my guns to defend myself” Liberal: “You are a white male racist redneck!” “WE WUZ KINGS MUH NIGGAH IMA KILL U MAN” Liberal: “Oh my gosh so trendy and progressive!”
World cxiv.

Black people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Their IQ’s are too low and their impulse control is too weak.
Azaan Muhammad

there black so there protected
Sonic Skychaser

Because they don’t give a fuck about the hard working white people, they been sipping on the SJW/BLM Kool-Aid, and they still salty over Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump.
Douchebags Refuted

Because whites with guns are usually conservative and Christian, a demographic that the NWO recognise is the most dangerous to their agenda.

Black privileges and they don’t want to lose them when it comes to votes and also the way they go all ape shit destroying their own cities it be all MSM.Come on Chris you know that!
none ya business

Black people comprise 90% of gun violence. 13% of the population, committing over 50% of crime daily, mostly against Whites and police. There daily hundreds of shootings in Chicago alone, make them mass killer’s.
Bryan Manning

A leftist loon just murdered and shot a congressman and aides at a goddam charity baseball game.The media and the left has pushed this narrative that Trump is Hitler until people are brainwashed.The left has lost its shit and is going to cause the second fucking Civil War.I am beyond frustrated at this point.
Sam Colville

Because black people are oppressed and it’s only because we live in a white male patriarchal society that causes them to be criminals lol so it’s white peoples fault lol ….. Leftist logic evil,as fuck.

They also don’t have an issue with millionaire celebrities that push gun violence in movies and television. How odd and completely ironic. They don’t care about “U.S.”

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