More Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District!


Leftists are all violent scum. The only difference is while Bernie supporters shoot you in the face, Hillary supporters shoot you in the back.


OH, it’s ALL coincidental! Are all of America becoming fools? Can people not see and understand what is transacting in this country? Can people not see fascism, communism, and ungodliness taking over the very peace, justice, and civility of our country? IS THIS WHAT PEOPLE REALLY WANT . . . and IF SO, seeing murders, violence, and personal property as a way of life — IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT, and for what purpose and to what results? This is barbaric, debase, degenerate, and inhumane . . . how much lower can this country shame itself?
Frances Elaine Thurston

Just think, the democrats want gun control, yet the democrats are the ones that are shooting everyone.
Ralph A. Wolf

If the civil war gets hot, Wasserman-Schultz will rank high on the guerrilla assassination list.

John Kaszanek
Ralph A. Wolf Democratic Party is MURDER INC!
Marianne McManus

Way past time to investigate the whole Democratic party
Mr. G.

We the majority must force the left media to talk about these death’s. Why isn’t this front news in the lying media. These evil people will kill any Americans who will step up against them to stop the destruction of this country and it’s people.
Anne Blighton

The lawyers need to wear bullet proof vest , and pack a 38 or 45 . This is gotten beyond ridiculous with this black widow , debbie shit for brains is deadly to any lawyer in her district !
Daisy Thrive

A couple of weeks ago Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the Capitol Police Chief on video that there would be consequences for him not giving her the Awan brother’s computers (aka EVIDENCE). This morning two capitol police were shot. Three attorneys have turned up dead in Wasserman Schultz district. Wasserman Schultz was running a spy ring in the congress and she must face justice.

2 thoughts on “More Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District!

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