Rush Limbaugh Analysis of Karen Handel Win over Jon Ossoff, Democrats Devastated

Published on Jun 21, 2017

Rush Limbaugh Analysis of Karen Handel Win over Jon Ossoff, Democrats Devastated. Democrats feel complete defeat. Chasing Russian ghosts. Democrat brand in bad shape. Dems can’t “buy” an election.

mason yahn

Wow the people speak and don’t want liberal crap!!!
Camel toe

mason yahn Obama and Hillary destroyed the Democratic party for good 👍
Mike Tremellen

This is America.. Not Whorelywood… We do not bow down to actors and singers.. they are around to amuse us not influence our political decisions
neo nero

The Demon-rats got this guy to run, hoping to repeat the MACRON anomaly in France. What tney failed to understand is that France is a lost cause, full of socialists who were born and raised in a welfare state (from cradle to the grave). Americans are fiercely independent, and have proven that they’ve rejected the demon-rats once and for all.

They like to mock Trump’s “winning” campaign and who are the losers in this game? Which team is doing all the REAL losing?
Camel toe

Soon, these liberals sore losers will take to the streets, breaking windows, blocking traffic, discharging firearms, assaulting people, and burning buildings. Law enforcement should keep an eye on them.
Rand Kocher

Because early on they sell their soul to progressive/communist political financiers, one commonality of many progressive politicians is they have little or no employment history. And Jon Ossoff never worked a day in his life.
Pinkie Bo

The Democrats lie to their donors with misinformation so that they can open up their purse !!! How sad !!! the real victims are their rich donors who keep losing their money !! The Democrats have nothing left but stealing from their own !!!

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