Audio Of Chaffetz Death Threat “I suggest you prepare for the battle, motherf***er”

Published on Jun 22, 2017

William Smith

Lol i wish the democrats would start a civil war, us Patriots would mop their asses up, fast too
Joshua Deeds

If every person who threatened a republican was prosecuted there wouldn’t be anymore democrats allowed to vote

guy Calling in from Mom’s basement
sun dial

Liberal Obama cocksucking snowflakes have gone completely unhinged after President Trump whooped their collective liberal scumbag asses in November, they are still crying buckets of tears. The only solution is to deport them all to Cuba or Venezuela where they would after a couple of days come screaming back and hugging President Trump.

Legitimate bad asses have one thing in common. They never run their mouth about what they are going to do. They just do it. This caller is your typical weekend warrior wannabe that gets drunk and tells everyone how big a man he is. Pathetic childish loser.
Kelly Plante

Mainstream media is to blame,past administration
Brandon #pedogate

“People” who are against the second calling for Civil War. Lmao

WTF? Are they crazy? You can’t do that. Oh shit. It’s getting ready to break lose boys and girls. Don’t leave home with out your favorite knife or firearm. I tend to carry both.

The caller is right, except that Jason won’t be harmed. Only traitors like the caller
Two Kids

Funny never saw this on CNN or read this in the Washington Post or NY Times…

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