‘#LetThemFu*****Die?!’ Tucker Interviews Trinity Student About Racist Prof

Published on Jun 22, 2017

6-22-17: Tucker Carlson talks to Trinity student Justin Fortier about Professor Johnny Eric Williams‘ insane tweet following the incident at the GOP baseball practice.

The World According to Calvin

Why are so many universities hiring these fucking people ?

The left isn’t planning to win the culture war. They won a while back. And they will continue to maintain dominance as long as the right are a bunch of pussies afraid to stand up for white interests.
Anti Feminist

The white guilt is still pretty strong in this young man. He’s trying to be as politically correct as possible and that makes me very sad. He will need to get stronger, more vocal as he gets older, the world he is in would skewer him at any moment just because they can.

excuse me… but isn’t that racism? if the roles were reversed and it was a white person saying that about coloured all holy hell would break out…

If black people lynch white people that can’t be racist. Didn’t you go to college or smtn?
Kathy Galloway

she will not do anything because she’s black
Sand Angels

Was he a sociologist or a sociopath? I think they may have misread his resumé when they hired him.
Neil Simon

Fuck an apology. Fire this piece of shit bigot.
Denise Harriman

Any college that pulls any shit like this one,Berckley any other leftist school needs to be shut down if they don’t straighten out.

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