Sunny Hostin – #TheView – Makes an ASS out her herself – #TFNOriginal

Comey memo makes Sunny Hostin look like a complete and total misinformed, big mouth liberal spouting out misinformation.

rocky balboa

I can’t even listen to these dummy cunts for half sec my ears start to bleed

They should go ahead and rename this show ‘The Losers View’.
Gerhard Braatz

Irrelevant, dumbass, gossiping, ignorant, bitches. What a waste of airtime and oxygen.
no views

What a total dumb cunt.
Great Owl

Dumbass house wives eat this crap up.

What scares me more is the people that watch that crap actually DO believe it. I run into these people every day and it is mind numbingly frustrating to hear them repeat the same crap that has been refuted. sigh
real deal44

Sunny should be called Cloudy now!

Who the fuck is Sunny Hostin?

hey stupid I mean Sunny, Comey said he meet President Trump 3 times before the Comey Grand Standing

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