‘Cover the Real News!’ HEATED Debate on CNN’s Obsession With Trump Tweets

Published on Jul 3, 2017

Alisyn Camerota sparred with Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) over President Donald Trump’s weekend tweet of a video in which he beats Vince McMahon with a CNN graphic superimposed on the WWE commissioner’s face.

Eric Kaliberhall

My God! He tells the truth, and she keeps going ON! INSANITY!
Richard Maier

kevin sullivan yup,Zuckerman has to go and the AR+T selling CNN sounds good in theory.I was a stagehands CBS for 18 months back in the 70’s,you wouldn’t believe the animosity between the people on camera and behind the camera. I think Lionel has it right, cable is dead unless they change things,
Blarney Stone

The fraud Leftist media HAS: 1) Overtly threatened the life of the president.
2) Openly backed and sponsored other groups / individuals who have threatened the life of the president.
3) Overtly threatened the lives of his wife and his children.
4) LIED about and smeared the president, his wife, children, and staff repeatedly.
5) Made continual slime smears as to his thinking, mental state, his appearance, his eating habits, his handshakes, his golf game, and virtually every other aspect of his daily life.
6) Number 4 above also has applied to his entire family, with respect to their lives. These include comments that have been racist, sexist, and even pornographic.
7) Colluded to smear him incessantly with baseless and completely fabricated legal issues, claiming hysterical and very serious crimes, without one single shred of evidence or justification.
8) They have done ALL of the above for more than 2 YEARS straight. Trump has the RIGHT to DEFEND himself AGAINST the attacks of the fraud Leftist media (or anyone else) – in any fashion he deems necessary.
james harm

Lol, Trump has really fucked them up It’s hilarious!

Awwwwwwwww!!!! Poor innocent lil ol media!!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 they dindu nuffin!

Trump wins again. CNN loses again.
Black Label

CNN is very FAKE NEWS!
james herbst

President Trump spends 20 seconds of one of his 18 hour workdays tweeting a non-newsworthy pithy response to Mika “Man Hands” Brzezinski and her boy toy’s relentless on-air insults which CNN and MSNBC spend 120 hours of continuous on air time covering and responding to. Sounds fair, balanced and reasonable to me.

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