Neil Cavuto: Media Flips Out Over Trump Tweets – Ignores Real Violence From Left

Published on Jul 3, 2017
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Sore Loser Liberal

I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about an impeachment from Maxine Waters over this tweet.. Oh, wait. I hear impeachment from her everyday just because she doesn’t like him… along with every sore loser from election night.

Sore Loser Liberal fuck them all

My god American trump won accept it and get on with it. I see your country falling and not because of trump who I like. But because of all these so called celebs and politicians who can’t accept democracy
Jay Walker

I won’t be surprised if the Communist News Network (CNN) stages an assault on one of their own, tries to make it seem like a Trump supporter did it, and run with that shit for anothe 6 months……
undefined bs

those cowards are responsible for real death and destruction
toddjon stevenson

Finally someone did it Could of gone on longer though😎 Trump Is Rocking the Country…. to sanity
Jolly Froster

Its all in Rules for Radicals.
dj johnson

leftist liberal democrats are a cancer to us our country and our people
chris mclaughlin

Turning a blind eye toward real issues is what msm does best – after lying about non-issues.

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