CNN Threatens Reddit User With Dox Attack Unless He Apologizes for Mocking Them

Published on Jul 5, 2017
What CNN is doing here should be illegal. What they’re doing is trying to save face by pointing to this kids “racist” tweets. The problem is those tweets have nothing to do with the WWE meme. Not to mention there are people they protect and celebrate like Lessie Jones, who’s witter is filled with anti-white rants, but of course the same media takes no interest. They have become tyrants and a true domestic threat.

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One must question the stupidity of these people. Rather they release the identity of this kid or not, if anything happens to him now, CNN will be held accountable in the court of public opinion.

Watching the liberal media imploding is highly amusing
 Charles Butterfield

Chris Cuomo needs to be sued for both actual and punitive damages That is a multi million dollar lawsuit
Tholin Nothing

CNN attacked Kekistan. They will now feel the wrath of it’s citizens & soldiers..
Charles Butterfield

These claims that the President is mentally unstable are politically motivated

Fake news CNN doesn’t like free speech…imagine that!
Cam Alft

wonder how many people CNN help kill over the years…hmm…[millions]
Granny Loca

I wish the person would out himself and stand up for free speech!!!! I’ll donate to his go fund me account. We are not europe, what the hell did we celebrate yesterday?
Willy Russo

Yes, CNN is the enemy of the American people.  Just ask them.  #CNNBlackMail
Drodz Drodz

Somebody add the CNN logo over the head of the guy in the play where they assassinate Trump.  CNN’s heads will expolode.

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