CNN – Jim Acosta makes a complete ass out of himself in Poland #TFNOriginal

Published on Jul 7, 2017

While trying to slam the President, and accuse him of fake news, actually commits fake news himself.

Ramon Yanez

Trump = Commander In Chief Acosta = Reporter full of shit
Sheila Cooper

Hey CNN: You mean like Obama’s “Apology Tour”? CNN = Cuck News Network

Acosta needs to be banned from all press briefings, the guy just embarrasses himself non stop, but doesn’t notice or just doesn’t care
Sheila Cooper

So CNN tries to prove that they’re not lying by showing footage of Obama lying. 👏 Please keep skewering your credibility CNN. It’s fun to watch.
Knight Oyin

OMG! Jim is an absolute joke and epitomizes why CNN is a fake news network. He is supposed to be a journalist but is just a propagandists who can’t even do his job very well. What a bunch of whinny cry babies they are at CNN!
Voice OfReason

David Lee

Take their credentials away, they aren’t real news.
Tara Vann

I love that their idea of Obama “doing something” about Russian meddling is to tell Putin to “cut it out”! 😂😂😂😂 Oh yeah… and that if be didn’t that there would serious consequences. So where were those “serious consequences” he was threatening? Sounds a lot like that RED LINE in Syria that ended up being non-existent.
siep kuppens

I hope Acosta stays on CNN for years from now. He is hilarious LMAO
Bernie C

Why is Jim on a different screen shot? We all know he’s simply standing outside the CNN headquarters. Get inside already Jim!!

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