Trumpnyoface2016 Trump

Hannity has become a BEAST and a TRUE patriot for what’s left on MSM!!! Hannity keep pushing!!! You r doing awesome with that truth spitting trump supporting vocabulary!! MAGA!! Drain The Swamp!!!!
celin sebastian

Trump is a hero. Joe and Mika deserve it. I liked it. Trump is not a coward. Mika and Joe are. When you point at some one you need to expect it back. No point in crying like a coward now. Hahahaha
Melanie Walker

How the Hell does he get away with saying all that about the President of the United States. This guy is unreal he’s certainly full of hatred he needs some kind of treatment now.

How come nobody in the media called Obama a liar when he said you can keep your doctor?

MSNBC = fake news
Salvatore Rizzo

Joe Fresh & Mika Virus, will do anything for ratings because that’s how desperate people act when their jobs are on the line.
Dakar 528i

Fantastic piece Hannity …. these 2 MSNBC goons are not even worth the oxygen we waste on them. They are both deep sea racing mullets to look at and all they can do is spew crap……
Lisa Marie

To a Psychopath the Truth is a lie. lol. I think Psycho Joe fits. Just look at the idiot. If the shoe fits Joe well you are pathetic. MSNBC just got the Trump thump and now going down the same path as CNN, bye bye, losers. Psycho Joe is actually a compliment from moron, anyone who doesn’t know who these idiots are on MSNBC now will look at them to see what all the fuss is about and people will see just how mental they are. So again, Trump triggers, shines a light, and exposes and now down will fall the MSNBC cause there is no fixing STUPID. Bye bye MSNBC, Also Brzeneski’s Father created ISIS and is lovingly known as the father of Terrorism. May he never RIP
Amanda Baxter

keep it on Hannity..and gogogo


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