Tucker Carlson: “When Did CNN Become The Internet Police”

Heather Ions 

It’s not just the fact that they called out Trump for sharing the video, it’s the fact that they chased the creator down and demanded he/she take it down. Once again freedom of speech is attacked!
Banana Bishop 

CNN declared war on MEMES!! We must fight back with more MEMES before they take them away. Protect us Pepe.
Mark C 

crack research team = deepstate

The Reddit user should NOT have apologized. Stand up for yourselves or they will break you if they know you will buckle (I know that’s alot to ask from a human being when they likely have lawyers down their throat, but people have to start doing do)
Freshwater Nano 

its over for them….reddit and 4chan have a common enemy now.
Paul Revere 

The major player of the MSM is CNN who decided to take the ineffective Democrat party aside and tell them “Step aide. We’ll take care of President Trump for you!”
Mike Coppedge 

It’s amazing how low CNN has gotten.

CNN are not equipped to take on the internet.

too proud they got punked. now they gotta get their “get backs” like some high school kid would do.
Cindy WH-Witter 

Keeping him safe from who? Us? No need there. Must be from them. CNN goons.

CNN fucked up 😀
Mr Happy Guy 

Sounds like the Spanish Inquisitions are back again.

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