Mark Levin Blasts Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezninski and Donny Deutsch

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Go Devils 

Joe – why did your intern die in your office in Florida ???
redcup 3 

Donnie, Donnie, Donnie. another idiot
Dennis Janda 

Mika and Joe are Dumb and Dumber….Pick Which !!!!!
Captain Obvious 

Morning Joe. More like Morning Stupid
Frances Haypenny 

These are people who are so out of touch that they may as well be lobotomized at this point. DJT just received the most enthusiastic love and support in Warsaw, Poland, especially in response to his amazing speech, and still these idiots at MSNBC are trying to claim ”The World Has Little Confidence in Donald Trump”. This is the horse shit they sell to the brain addled fantasists who can’t get it through their skulls that people who dwell in the real world not only have full confidence in DJT, but have great affection for the man, and are relieved that the narcissistic walking disasters known as Obama and Hilary have finally fucked off. This is why the legacy media is rapidly dying – they’re not just elitist, partisan hacks, they’re utterly clueless.
wt f 

Donny duche bag what a wanker
suz g 

Johnny Douche is triggered, going down. Mark Levin always the voice of reason.
Chang Vang 

Donnie is a joke ,and an idiot.
James Collins 

We need to bury Psycho Joe. Watch the You Tube video of Psycho Joe calling Fred Thompson’s wife a stripper (in so many words). Why are not the girl TV “journalists” upset about the misogynist Psycho Joe? We need to bury Psycho Joe. Maybe he should be called Misogynist Joe.
Hop Sing 

fucky Joe and skanky mika

If left unchecked Liberal’s will definitely without any doubt be the death of America. It’s already getting to the point where you can’t even criticise someone, well unless your a liberal than it is perfectly fine. People like these two hypocrites on MSNPCLGBQT have absolutely no room to complain, they have disrespected the President in everyway possible, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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