“CNN Is At An All Time Low” Tucker Carlson Takes On Chris Cuomo

Published on Jul 13, 2017

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Cuomo semi-recently said a 12 year old girl that doesn’t want to see a penis in the bathroom is intolerant. Nothing surprises me.
karol karolkowiak

CNN hosts is most retarded leftist on this planet
Me So Funky Fresh

cuomo has shit for brains
Mr. Georgie's Miniatures

The stages of cowardice:
1- shift blame to those you were attempting to support
2 never admit you know something when you do know it
3 copy the style of your opponent to gain credibility
4 interrupt consistently so the opponent never gets their point across completely
5 claim the moral high ground and condescend to your opponent
6 run away- stop the conversation. Crybully Cuomo managed all six steps in about 3  minutes.
Jay Velcamp

Please let Chris Cuomo alone on CNN. Don’t give him a bigger podium. My cable network here in Costa Rica cancelled CNN yesterday

Kyle A

Chris Cuomo is a globalist, liberal, America-hating POS.
Wild Rover

CNN talking heads have no shame. They are vile and total scum. They are all in to destroy the USA and foe this they will all be damned to hell.

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