DEEP STATE DOUBLE AGENT: Russian Lawyer was a Plant by Hillary and Obama!

Published on Jul 12, 2017

In yesterday’s first video I said “I bet you anything this Lawyer is a double agent.” Remember? Just watch the video before this one to see I was right. Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian Lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. was a plant. She is part of the deep state and was even invited a few days after meeting with Don Jr by Barack Obama to attend a Congressional hearing on Russian policy. She also has TONS of Anti Trump images ALL OVER her Facebook page. Don’t believe the lying filth in the lame stream media. This was no pro Trump anti Hillary person. This was a Russian Spy set up by Hillary and Obama to take down candidate Trump at the time.


And I Am Sure You Are Right Because I Saw Something That Showed Her With Obama 8 days After The Email was Sent To Trump Jr !!
Mike Reed

department of Justice get off your asses the nation is watching and we are pissed
Mark Rybeck

The LYING media is the enemy of The American people
Devora Howze

mmmm This get more and more interesting by the day. how deep deep this rabit hole goes.
Jay Velcamp

If Trump Jr. had anything to hide, he had a year to hire people to Bleachbit his computer and smash all of his computers and cell phones with hammers. That would have made him eligible to be a presidential candidate.
Avril Duncan

yes, it is obviously a set up.
Roberto Salgado

…so this woman doesn’t speak a word of English but she’s at a congressional hearing 5+ months after her permit to be in the US expired?

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