Evergreen student: Campus unsafe for white students who want to focus on education

Statement of Evergreen student McKenzie Kyger to Board of Trustees, July 12, 2017. UPDATE: Interview of McKenzie herehttps://youtu.be/dDxlnTv5fEg.

johnny vegas 

wow, this girl has some guts. I hope she transfers for her own well being.
Dan Boren 

Not what the liberal board wanted to hear, so, they will ignore it!

“Your time is up”……..Something we should be saying to Evergreen College.


Not just Evergreen College. We should be saying this to every extremist who thinks shouting, screaming and calling people slurs is a healthy form of debate. “Your time is up!” ‘Hey, cracker, you let me finish! You don’t know the—” “Your. Time. Is. Up!” ‘YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF BIGOTRY AND IGNORANCE DEALT TO US BLACK STUDENTS–” “SECURITY!” Then sit back and watch them string their own necks up higher if they should resist being escorted out.
drew rettke 

Let’s pull all the white students out and see how many weeks that campus can stay open when their money supply is not there no longer
natureboy kdizzle 

those people dont give two shits what she just said
Bonkers Dave 

“Your time is up.” “OK Thank You.” Obviously racist. She does not know she is supposed to yell and bang pots and attack and threaten and set fires and prevent anyone she doesn’t agree with from speaking. This college has failed to get through to her.
Alan c 

if she was not white she would demand more time and take more time
Shadowrunner Radio 

I live by there. Defund this fucking bullshit!

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