*(FROM EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE) – Bret Weinstein: Evergreen “descended into literal anarchy”

Statement of Bret Weinstein to Board of Trustees, July 12, 2017. 

NO CLAIM TO COPYRIGHT (this is a “FAIR USE” excerpt from hearing). Video copyright held by TVW (https://www.tvw.org/about/copyright-t…). Original video here: https://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=20….

Local newspaper article on meeting here: http://www.theolympian.com/news/local…

Badger Pundit 

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Sadly it appears many of the teachers promoted and supported it.  It was sponsored self destruction (though I think they expected I would “be different”).
Bloom County 

Evergreen State College is rotten from the Board of Trustees, to the President, to the radical activist students attending the school. It can’t be fixed – remove all state funding NOW.

strange how the mob stayed out of this meeting. too bad they didn’t overrun it, flooding in and screaming, blowing air horns, showing how out of control they are to the board.
Mata Pendejos 

The liberal left being eaten by their own is so well deserved.
Sourdough Girl 

This guy was one of them but when he took one step towards the direction they didn’t like, they lynched him.
Chris Kavanagh 

Make no mistake, this insane agenda by the “oppressed” students was fueled by Barack Obama and his ilk. Do you remember anything like this before the Obama Admin. took Office in 2008?. But this is/was part of his agenda taught by the Saul Alinsky disciple. It was no coincidence that Peyton Head, the Student Pres. of Univ Of Missouri met with Obama at the White House several times during the same type events last year.
DRS_ au 

Nice to see the Neo-Marxist left eating its own.

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