Published on Jul 25, 2017

There’s another “Questions for White People” video- and it’s the worst one you’ve ever seen.

SOURCE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8fgD…

Hanah Thurman 

You’re a hero James. You say everything I wish I could say. Thank you for being alive.
oliver bou 

“I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t white people who control the media” THE J E W S
Astro Gaming Network 

The only racist people here are the black people.
Mark M 

Oh goody. Let me answer for the Blacks and give the most used response by Blacks for all their problems in their community… Y’all hate us. Reparations Our Black Skin. We was Kangz. Tat waz racist. Police be racist. Stats be racist. Our Black Queenz. Racism….Racism….Racism White Privileged. Dindu Nuffin Wrung . . . And becaz SLAVERY!

Asking black person where was slavery came from Black person: THE WHITES Me: Wrong, It came from the Eastern world for example Arabic people.
I'm Just Saying 

White people are called names by hateful Blacks in every scenario: Move out = “White Flight” = “Racism” Move in = “Gentrification” = “Racism” See color = “Racism” Don’t see color = “Ignoring Racism” = “Racism” Don’t partake in culture = “Non-inclusive” = “Racism” Engages in culture = “Appropriation” = “Racism”
Steven Lopez 

Black Americans are some of the most annoying people. Actual Africans, you know, actual black people from Africa are much cooler, smarter and more cultured. I have some Nigerian and Sierra Leonean friends, some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

The turtle Republic: I NEVER said that only black people do that shit. Every races belittle each other, not just black and white people. Asians belittle black people and black people belittle Asians. The same goes for every single race. Hating on white people, doesn’t make you any better.


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