Something is Wrong with MSNBC 😂

Published on Jul 26, 2017
Something strange is happening to MSNBC. The information they present as news is just pure fiction, or social justice warrior insanity. Have a look, and you’ll see some serious problems! Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 – Subscribe now for more videos every day!


I sexually identify as Trump’s wall. My pronouns are Yuge, Big-League, and Ten-Feet-Higher. If you disrespect my pronouns, you’re a Transphoic bigot who needs to check their privilege.
Ja Z

Did they just say Trump has mind control ? LMFAO.
Anne Johnson

I love TRUMP.
Sheila Hill

There ya have it, folks. It should be called BSNBC
Mary Quin

Liberal media outlets like MSNBC and CNN are fake news.
Jonathan Wiskee

Talking shitheads on MSNBC.

Trump has destroyed the Rothschild/Soros media machine.. NEXT UP Trump exposes Congress and names, names of all RINO’S and traitors in the party.. 2018 will be slaughtering of all fake Republicans!
Thomas Rogers

Brent Lee

Rachel Maddow is the most masculine host on MSNBC.


2 thoughts on “Something is Wrong with MSNBC 😂

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