They are trying to re-write history

 | – JULY 27, 2017

The left is literally trying to re-write history to pretend Britain always had mass immigration.

This is dangerous & incredibly deceptive.

Few things are more insidious than attempting to re-write history to achieve your unhinged political agenda.

Resist all attempts to historically normalize politically correct myths.

Who controls the past controls the future.


Nikos Tsigos 

so blacks are now stealing history along with my bike
Random Fabulous Commenter 

Wait, so he never gave actual evidence of ethnic diversity and everyone’s like “OOHHHHH PJW got schooled by a “proper historian”, boy!” Am I a genius, or is this world becoming more and more retarded day by day…?
Gary Whittaker 

Do African countries and Asian countries have white actors in their movies ? Only ; I can’t see a few white extras in African village scenes for Nollywood dramas or white guards for an emperor in a Chinese Ching dynasty epic…mmmmmm, I don’t think so
Dylan da Spider 

well in the year 2200 the children will be taught about the second world war when the evil blond hair, blue eye white skin Nazis were defeated by the transgender women of colour wearing their empowering hijabs
Adolf Hitmaker 

If the West wasn’t white, then we can stop blaming whites for all the “evils” of the West. So which is it, liberal fucking morons – was the West not white…or is the West the land of evil imperialist whites?
Dn 3A 

More people need to stop paying their TV license, it can be done legally. The BBC are using the money to push this PC garbage down our throats. It’s time they were cut off from the money!”
Major Callofguy 

Not only are they promoting white genocide but they also want to whipe them out from history


  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Hold on a moment. The “dark” people, of which I am one, are known as “BRONZE”. I go into the sun a minute or two, and I do not turn pink, I turn a deep bronze color. Mediterranean people. Those who were outdoors in the sun, were “dark”. The indoor crowd, were pale. Roman society favored the pale ones, because outdoor type were robust, and many were farmers or fishermen. When away from the outdoors, I turn a pale white. Therefore, Mediterranean people, and the descendants of those people, who like along the waters, known as “the Neighborhood”, all along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the people are called, “the Bronze”.

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