CNN Host Stunned When Callers Are Sick Of Trump-Rüssía Story


Your not “careful” Your totally blind. You need to realize your so out of touch and you should go home and stay there forever. You and the rest of media are idiots that couldn’t “report” a story if you actually found one. Your agenda is OBVIOUS. Your blindness is OBVIOUS. Your career is a JOKE. And yes we the people are Sooooooo tired of you. Look at Meygn Kelly. She showed how uncredible her comments where and are and now know one watches her. Now she’s just an irreverent over the hill member of the pretty cunt club that media bosses use to get us to stay tuned in to their propaganda show

Hillary took over $140 million for Russian deal her husband got $500000 for one speech in Russia. Trump Jr sat in a meeting about dirt on Hillary but only to find out it was ask for sanctions on Russan adoptions to be lifted as this is how this lawyer made her living and you guys call this treason
Tim Xoque 

They have done nothing but seal their fate for the next election. Wait and see.
duchess eagle 

love trump…

Brad..get the swamp smell and the stink out of your mouth because your bubble popped and that disgusting swamp creature who needs a shower..took over
D Kluck 

True won’t get impeached because he hasn’t done anything wrong. How ever Obama, Hillary and their minions will go down and be prosecuted form the huge amount of illegal doings, including treason. Yes even Democrats are for Trump and want to see the real criminal taken out.
Lock N Load 

His “bubble” …doesn’t he mean his libtard safe space…fuk whoever that dweeb is. Russia collusion with Trump is bullshi*. The collusion is with the democrats…arrest them or move on! MAGA
Baron von Moorland 

Lock N Load 2020 TRUMP!
Bob Higbee 

Careful mate talk like this will get you added to that deplorable basket with the rest of us. As someone who generally supports Trump, I’ve got to say that this is some of the most fair reporting from the left that I’ve seen in quite some time. Well done sir.

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