IT aide to ex-DNC chair Wasserman Schultz arrested as he tried to leave US

Published on Jul 27, 2017

An IT consultant, who worked for congressional Democrats, has been arrested on bank fraud charges while trying to leave the country. He was a staffer of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the former DNC chairwoman.

Droopy Dog 

This seems important! Why isn’t the leftist MSM even mentioning it? Hmmm.🤔
CNN-So Fake 

Jeffrey Lorien ….Except Trump. We need to REMOvE the RINOS, like Susan Collins and Johnny McCain from the senate.
Troll Hunter 

Will killary suicide him too like poor Seth Rich?
Jared Dietrich 

Great coverage, and about damn time this is getting its due coverage!
The Young Turds 

The key word in this story is : Pakistani.
You You 

Hmmm, never heard a word of this on cnn, abc, msnbc, cbs, bbc none of them, wonder why??? Oh that’s right, they publish narratives aNd agendas from the left, not anything true or factual…

DNC- a front of the DEEPSTATE!!! CNN,NBC,abc,msnbc…wash post, ny slimes….

This is HUGE! Lock them up ASAP! Investigate DNC for leaks and fraud. Spying for Pakistan! Treason at the least!
Geraldine Mitchell 

They supplied the BlackBerrys for Clinton’s and friends, so they had their information
Teresa Kay 

George Webb has been investigating the Awan brothers for over a year and nobody is giving him the credit he deserves.
bad campa 

Wow so the alleged Russian hackers were actually Pakistani insiders

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