Paul Joseph Watson 

Published on Jul 29, 2017

No Trump didn’t ignore a disabled boy, you utter moron.

Trevor Klassen 

Liberalism is a mental disorder
Trolla Lola 

Mr.Sauceman X 

All anti-Trump liberals are vile!
Truman Kingmaker 

What do you expect from these satanic Illuminati witches?

Meryl Streep did the exact same thing at her golden globe speech, pushed a sneaky dirty lie about Trump being mean to a disabled person. Streep and Rowling are establishment stooges, lying cunts and soulless, evil witches. They are clearly working by some kind of satanic method that involves disguising themselves as nice people in order to spread evil in the world. They are obvious demons who are putting on an act of being angels

Liberals are so desperate to paint Trump as a douchebag
Alexander Jansen 

Send Rowling to her own ‘Azkaban’!
Lord Sanogo Will Win The 2094 ballon d'Or 

J.K Rowling should get back to writing Harry Potter books instead of spewing her SJW crap.
Evan T 

She was a welfare princess who got lucky convincing a bunch of ignorant kids that she invented Fantasy when in fact she ripped off so many other and better sources. Now, like George Clooney, she thinks because she is wealthy that she is a God and knows all. She is drunk on her power and has become a complete and total Cuntasaurus Rex. A truly despicable uber liberal who wants to order her “subjects” from her castle to take in millions of third world cockroaches. FUCK you and your lame ass stories!

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