Steyn: Wasserman Schultz scandal is media’s Russian dream

Radio host and commentator Mark Steyn gives his take on scandal surrounding an IT staffer for for former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and his arrest while trying to leave the country #Tucker


There is SO much more to this story. I’m pretty sure these brothers have dirt on several democrats.
Brian Hickman 

This is so outrageous it defies belief. These guys had access to everything. They were even granted access to Top Secret documents when Dems requested it. Our government is so corrupt and so stupid that they paid these guys 5 million dollars over several years to steal and spy and trade info on our most sensitive data.
felix u 

how come we never see these stories on MSM? Oh, I forgot, they report 93% negative on Trump. Too busy looking for a negative story.
John Anderson 

Nothing to look at here. Gotta stay focused on RUSSIA.
hudson steele 

We paid these people $5,000,000 for their expertise in espionage… that they used against us.

where is the seth rich computor

This is an outrage LOCK HER UP!
Beth Rebstock 

The UN, Soros, Clinton, DNC! Don’t forget Obummer!
Brandy Pompeo 

👉👉👉 Its called #Blackmail. These people have CRIMINAL DIRT on these #SpiritCooking #DEMONcraps!!!

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