*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Muslim Gang Beat White People in Liverpool

John Host 

Mohammed had 7 wife’s the youngest was 6. That’s right, openly worship a pedophilic God !!. Dirty cunts !

Calling a muslim a “Paki” is classed as a hate crime and those people are hunted down by the Police… When muslims mass rape our daughters, attack our people in the street and go on killing sprees killing as many as they can, then this is the “new normal” that we have to adjust to in a multicultural society.
Matt Lemons 

It is white left wingers who are more dangerous than the extreemist muslims because they are traitors who faciltate a fifth column that is anti west. The leftists are more dangerous in my opinion and this includes the BBC with exception to Andrew Neil.

Sounds mad but I hope more stuff like this happens, alot more infact, it will bring about the end of this invasion alot faster thats for sure.
paul smith 

Look at all the coverage the Chelsea fans got for a push on a black man on the Paris Metro. The BBC didnt let that one go.
Gary Whittaker 

A man goes to jail for a year (and is murdered in there ) because he tied bacon to a mosque door; these scumbags beat the shit out of people because they were not Muslim and they get to do 43 days ? How is that even right or fair …day after day , proof positive that Muslims take presidence over non Muslims in the UK now , …when is enough going to be enough ? The BBC needs to be scrapped, we pay for leftist rubbish
Johnny Briggs 

Citizens should pass a law that says migrants must be housed in the same neighborhood that the politicians Newspaper media themselves live in. Let these politicians put their money where their mouth is. And let their children walk down the streets in these new high crime no-go zones
jj mm 

am from Liverpool I have not heard one story about this just shows you how far they go to cover it up   all I can say they are lucky I was not in the city centre at that time it would of been a total smack down I could just see it in the news  now 6″9 man athletic build  with arms like tree trunks attacks muslims because of my size and athletic build I would of got done for a race crime were is the justice there i have been in situations were i didn’t provoke any think were i have done a decent thing defended some one and in the end i have to  defend myself  as i get look at the size of you so must of started it all i can say is show the pictures of them lads and if they are from Liverpool they will be hide in
old bag 

So when do we get together and hunt these scum bags down and deal with them
Phill Taylor 

That’s the reason they only allow immigrant men in Britain. So they go around intimidating the white people and rape there women in front of them. And your allowing them to get away with this.

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