Arizona Border Recon: Volunteers patrol US-Mexican border to catch migrants & smugglers

US President Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the Mexican-American border to fight drug smuggling and illegal immigration. The House of Representatives has passed a spending bill for its construction and $1.6 billion was allocated for it. 
However, some residents in the state of Arizona are still not content with the efforts made by authorities – and are taking matters into their own hands. Critics believe they are racist…

PrePaid American 

real American heros
Tony Tony 

Typical jew arguing for more immigrants but wont take any in to their racist appartide country

I did a week out there with them. Excellent group of Americans!!

Deport as many as you can America. They’ll turn your country into Mexico and leave nothing but piss and shit.
Kurt Boulter 

Sick of excuses made by idiots of why “illegal aliens” would rather die getting to American than be killed at home by the drug dealers! Stand up, band together, police the streets, and fight until all of the drug dealers and cartels are gone. There are tens of millions of people who hate the cartels, stand up and fight against the few who harass the many! When you have corrupt governments who are unable to, or are part of the problem through bribery and being on the take, it is the responsibility of the people to rise up and start defending themselves. Stop blaming the government and start blaming your gutless selves!
Jeff Texas 

They are not fleeing the drug cartels; they’re rushing to get the government hand outs. I don’t blame them for wanting to come here for a better life, which includes the hand outs. But they need to do it the “Legal” way. It’s not America’s fault they live in a sh*t hole of a country and it’s not our responsibility to fix it for them. Where are all the “America needs to mind its own business” cry babies when you need them? :p
Norman Rand Wolfe 

These are the TRUE PATRIOTS… THANK YOU for your service!!!
The OS 

Fuck that old lady. Illegal aliens are ILLEGAL! They need to fix their own fuckin country. Not impose on mine!!
Thomas Jefferson 

TOUGH SHIT you old bitch. NOT our problem and we arent going to pay for your problems. Take that shit and escape to Antartica, plenty of room there away from cartels. OR they can grow a pair of balls and organize and fight back against them… like an AMERICAN CITIZEN WOULD DO!

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