“FREE COLLEGE For Black People” Tucker Carlson VS Obnoxious Liberal

Published on Aug 10, 2017

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Roderick Mills 

Civilization or Africa. Your choice.
joe deeze 

Blacks need to pay reperations for commiting 52 percent of the crime.
Constant Chinner 

What gender is that thing?
DDD Nzzz 

It’s a bit racist of them to think blacks aren’t capable of winning scholarships by merit like every….oh
Rob S 

What? Black people wanting free stuff without working for or earning it?! What a complete shock and surprise!

Time to fucking forget the niggers, send them back to their homeland if they’re having such a hard time

White privilege basically means “you have parents that actually care about you and your future”. I’m pretty sure that’s what this all stems from.
Banana Bishop 

my grandma and my dad sat in the back of the bus during the 60s…. plus we’re Hispanic, do I get something because my family is a victim of racism?

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