CNN Guest Goes On Insane Rant: Trump Unfit to Be Human!

Published on Aug 15, 2017


Just….wow…. CNN has already incited one assassination attempt on Republicans. It looks like they really want some nut job to take some shots at the president. These “people” point fingers, but they’re the biggest hate mongers out there. Even the CNN host is like, WTF?



Escorpion Venenoso
I thought she was a democrat, truth is she’s a republican RINO who worked on Jeb Bush’s campaign
John Ruiz
this bitch needs a straight jacket, ASAP.
Michael Thomas
God i wish i could see this fat fucking spic liar out in public. I just wanna call her a lying cunt to her face. Ill donate $10,000 if someone can get me in front of her.
Starla Wagoner
This bitch has never accomplished anything other than being a mouthpiece for CNN she can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned she’s one of the reasons we don’t tune into that fucked about Channel
Still nothing but opinions and character assassination!! When will I see actually evidence Of anything!!
John Rogers
STFU Where was this big mouth when Obama congratulated BLM for routing and killing cops?!? This is a front for her wetback friends getting deported.

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