Gavin Mcinnes Reacts To Charlottesville Protests

Its sad even FOX news is blaming all the violence on the right. Watch any live stream and you can see its from ANTIFA.
Mateo Buckman
make me want to join the nazi party…
Rick Kotecha
Stand up for your race 1488
Taran Marduk
Brown = bigot. We might as well face it, most brown people in the United States are racist.
Verborgene Wahrheit
The Commies are trying to erase our history
mister hyerz
Blacks have a low IQ, they cant understand abstract european concepts like freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Hence, you get what happened in Charlottesville. You’re dealing with 3rd world sub-species who arent capable of using science and logic.
Lawrence Walkup
If you don’t support Trump, don’t protest with violence or you’re going to get worse violence. Antifa are always the ones that start the violence. The antifa men are so afraid they hide behind the women…like that sociopath Eric Clanton. You girly men of the left don’t stand a chance against real men. You’re outnumbered, out gunned, out maneuvered and not motivated enough to sustain a fight. Go home to mommy and daddy’s basement where it’s safe.
Contagiously Awake
Something doesn’t smell good… FALSE FLAG!!!!!!!
Joe Carr
CNN is Reporting David Duke is Trump Supporter and head of the KKK. he may be a Trump supporter but he was never a head figure in the KKK, I’m not defending him but he was a member of the kkk 30 yrs ago for a short while before denouncing them, he then was voted into the Republican Party where both democrats and republicans gave him a standing ovation back then. CNN wants to promote race war, they are ISIS. They Keep trying to link Trump with the KKK and White Supremacy!

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