“White People Should Die” Tucker Carlson Takes On Liberal Professors

How are we going to collectively overcome this reverse discrimination and blatant attempt at white genocide ?!?!?!?!
The white race is trying to unite, and looked at what happened in Charlottsville. The white hating jewish mayor, and his black supremists vice mayor gave the legal permit to the group of whites, and then made sure antifa and blm were right in the same place. Then the media of course called it white supremists. Whites must unite, all of us must unite or we will keep being marginalized, we will become poorer. Did you know 54% of all people in poverty are white race? It is time to support all whites that will have the courage to stand against the dnc evil commy system.
People of other races are also against this bullshit. I am not white, but I support whites that wanna move past the white guilt bullshit that is being shoved down their throats. People of all color must wake up to this blatant divide and conquer schemes, and see the real enemy that is at the doorsteps.
Saw what happen in Virginia? It will happen again,and again,and more viciously everytime until this opression towards beautiful,white people stops.
White people should die? Lol I’m not even white,I find this people says this mentally ill and should be locked up. What the fuck going on with white people? Why are you guys so divided?
All Universities should lose their federal funding until they respect free speech. All liberal extremists should not be allowed to teach school. Their biased view of the world makes them unqualified.

3 thoughts on ““White People Should Die” Tucker Carlson Takes On Liberal Professors

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