*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Van smashes into pedestrians in central Barcelona


A van has struck a group of pedestrians in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona city center. Catalan police say they have activated attack protocols, but cannot confirm the motive behind the crash.

The driver fled the scene on foot, according to local reports. It’s not clear how many people have been injured, but images from the scene show several people lying on the ground in the immediate aftermath.



  • 16:30 GMT

    Authorities have not yet confirmed how many people were struck in the attack, however local media sources are reporting that at least one person has been killed and between 20 and 25 people have been injured. Police confirmed there are dead and injured, but have not specified the number.

  • 16:29 GMT

    It’s still unclear whether there are one or two attackers on the run. The department of the interior is searching for a second van that the attacker, or attackers, may have used to flee the scene, El Periodico is reporting.

  • 16:23 GMT
  • 16:21 GMT

    Catalan news channel TV3 says an assailant is in the ‘Rey de Estambul’ restaurant on Carrer de l’Hospital, which shares a junction with Las Ramblas.

  • 16:19 GMT

    Spain’s department of the interior has tweeted that a manhunt is underway “for the author of the attack.”



16:16 GMT

Emergency services are tending to the injured at the scene.



  • 16:10 GMT

    Two armed men, who are understood to have been in the van, are “entrenched” in a bar following the crash, El Periodico newspaper is reporting.

  • 16:06 GMT

    AFP is reporting that Spanish authorities have labelled the incident a “terrorist attack.”

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