Lou Dobbs – What Roy Moore Did To Poor Mitch McConnell and His RINOs

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By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs invited Ed Rollins and Michael Goodwin to discuss the aftermath of the Alabama race and other political issues.

Dobbs starts off with the race in Alabama and how President Trump admitted himself that he may have made a mistake in supporting Mitch McConnell’s good old boy, Luther Strange.

Rollins says, “Someone talked him into doing something he shouldn’t have done. He’s the populist President and he basically endorsed the establishment candidate, as opposed to Moore, who’s the populist candidate.”

He says, “Moore will be a good vote for him, I think Moore will win the fall, I think he’ll stay there as long as he wants, and I hope it’s a good lesson for the President that he has to be very careful who he listens to, because this was not his natural instinct.”

Rollins says, “This was certainly the Majority Leader trying to force this race by throwing tons of money at it and the rest of it and not having any impact whatsoever.” He also notes that if and when Moore makes it to DC he likely will be close to President Trump, not so much for McConnell, who did everything he could to defeat him.”

They talk about the impact on other seats and campaigns, both on the Republican side as well as the Democrats, how the old guard establishment Dems won’t get out of the way and the RINOs are now about to be pushed.

Primary opponents are in their future, what Corker chose to avoid by his announcement yesterday that he won’t seek a third term. Senators Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Dean Heller (R-NV) and Roger Wicker (R-MS), all establishment street walkers who represent the US Chamber of Commerce rather than the US citizens.

Ed Rollins notes that Sen Flake already has a serious challenger and believes that the other two will as well. He should know that Danny Tarkanian, son of the former UNLV basketball coach, already leads Senator Heller, who Trump gave fair warning to, in many polls. When Harry Reid was still around Heller was like his kinder, gentler version with the same positions. He still is.

The reality for the swamp creatures may be that their fate is not in their own filthy establishment hands or in their ability to obstruct President Trump. If they continue to work against us we’ll replace them and for some it’s already too late. It’s becoming that simple.

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