CNN’s Puerto Rico Coverage Designed For Bashing Trump, Despite FEMA Efforts

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By Rick Wells

Democrats first introduced their “make Puerto Rico Trump’s Katrina” effort last week, as the bellowing moose Ana Navarro ranted her typical over-the-top negative comments about President Trump.

We could see the writing on the wall, as she criticized Trump for tweeting on the NFL instead of camping out and driving a delivery truck in San Juan, that the next attempt to discredit the President would be the response in the parasite territory of Puerto Rico.

Now the Democrat effort to paint President Trump as an uncaring, bumbling racist moved into the next phase, with the attack-racists coming like cockroaches out of the Democrat woodwork. [woodwon’twork?]

Despicable comments from the next Maxine Waters, Al Green of Texas, labeled President Trump a politically motivated racist because the response in Texas was excellent and the hurdles in the logistically challenged island have caused other problems. Green says it’s because President Trump hates brown people and Puerto Ricans can’t vote.

Former Rep Jack Kingston knows Al Green and says what he’s doing is just “pure, raw race-baiting.” He says, “and Al Green knows better than that. I know he wants to impeach the President and so any criticism of Trump is valid as far as he’s concerned.”

He notes that the Mayor of San Juan should, instead of running to a television to engage in her rounds of Trump bashing, try holding up her obligation in this situation, and visit the FEMA command and control center in order to coordinate their efforts. Like all Democrats, she wants to rant and complain, and is willing to sacrifice her constituents in the interest of advancing the anti-American agenda.

The CNN anti-Trump network brings in their employee, a Democrat agitator who, not surprisingly, grew up in Puerto Rico, Maria Cardona to bash the President, as if it was his fault that the hurricane formed and struck the island. She says she’s got friends and family who still can’t get in touch with their friends and family.

Rebuilding a completely destroyed infrastructure takes a day or two, Maria. Have they been to the FEMA center or are they also sitting on their backsides waiting for big brother to fix everything for them? Maybe they have phones that work at the FEMA center that they’ll allow people to use.

She can’t wait to unleash the personal attacks, targeting “the disgusting, disgraceful tweets that this President is leveling against one of the local leaders,” [who is lying about him and mischaracterizing his effective efforts], calling President Trump “cruel, he’s been callous, he’s morally corrupt.”

Cardona is the one who is morally corrupt, along with the other Dems for exploiting and distorting the storm aftermath for political gain. She unloads with all of the unfounded viciousness that she can muster to smear and discredit President Trump despite his efforts, which have been acclaimed by the Governor.

As Kingston is attempting to provide the accurate information as to the current state of affairs in a rebuttal to the lies from Cardona, the host interrupts, talks over him with her own “CNN facts,” and won’t let the truth be heard.

Clearly the objective on the part of Cardona is to criticize and name call, which she accomplishes. Good job, CNN, once again you fully lived up to everyone’s expectations.

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