Las Vegas Sheriff Lets It Slip – He Suspects Terrorists Radicalized Paddock

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By Rick Wells

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo appears to let the truth slip or may have been ready to get it out there. He hints that the shooter who killed and injured so many from his perch high up in the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino may have been acting on orders from a terrorist organization.

ISIS has twice claimed that it was a strike carried out on their behalf but the shooter didn’t match the typical terrorist stereotype and characteristics, being a 64-year-old white guy. Everyone who has made a public statement about him says he was not passionate about much of anything other than gambling.

Killing dozens of innocent strangers and injuring hundreds more isn’t the kind of thing that anyone expected him of being capable of.

Apparently the information Sheriff Lombardo has is leading him to believe that terrorists may have gotten their hooks into him and be behind the massacre. He said in a news conference, “You’ve heard me say we’re comfortable that we have the suspect in custody, but something more may come of that investigation.” It seems he’s saying there is reason to believe that there are others, accomplices who are not yet in custody. His girlfriend, Marilou Danley is just one of potentially many additional suspects.

He continued, “And I want to understand the motivation that you describe, okay, to prevent any future incidents. And, you know, did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us? And we want to identify that source.” He wants to identify the source of the radicalization, as in those convincing him this was what he should do, paying for, providing training and otherwise enabling the act, others who are still out there.

Paddock, the mass murderer, left behind a lot of evidence and equipment, a video tape and perhaps even a suicide note. Something has led Sheriff Lombardo to conclude the obvious, that this wasn’t the actions of one lone crazy man. It was thoroughly and meticulously planned and well funded.

The odds are he didn’t pay for it with his gambling winnings. Most gamblers go home a loser no matter how good they think they are and he’d been doing a lot of gambling over the past weeks. It’s like he was getting in as much recreation before he died, knowing what he had planned.

The Sheriff has to remain tight-lipped to a degree, but the implication seems clear. He suspects or may even know of a terrorist connection.

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