Second Employee Radioed In Attack, LV Cops On Property Weren’t Told

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By Rick Wells

Retired Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Randy Sutton discusses some new revelations regarding the interactions between the Las Vegas Police Department and the Mandalay Bay security department, and a failure to get information to officers who were on Mandalay Bay property prior to the shooting into the concert.

He says he finds the discrepancies between the original police version of what happened and stating that it is “the first time we’ve heard about this maintenance worker.” It’s not the first time he was mentioned, he was referred to in passing in the original timeline of what security officer Campos encountered, but to a much less detailed degree.

He also references the change in the story to Campos being shot before the shooting into the event began and the six minute delay between firing at Campos and firing into the crowd at the event. He says, “Now keep in mind, what’s really important here is that there were two Metro officers in the security office at the time of the shooting.”

Sutton reveals, “And they actually ran out of the building because the information that they got was that the shooter was at the event across the street. So that delay is really important here. If the information had been communicated directly to those police officers, then they could have, there may have been a different outcome to this.”

David Asman asks what Sutton expects are the motives behind the story changing or confusion, skipping the point Sutton just made as to the failure to communicate the calls of the maintenance worker warning of the active shooter he had encountered on the 32nd floor.

Sutton says, “I know the law enforcement acted very quickly from the information that they had. I actually had communication with an officer who was on the ground there and they didn’t get that message about the shooter until the shots had already been fired across from the 32nd floor down into the concert area.”

Asman points out that Paddock wore gloves, had no fingerprint records, saying it sounds to him like Paddock had “some kind of ulterior career that he didn’t want anyone to know about,” hinting that he might have been intelligence agency or other deep state operative.

Sutton concurs, saying he refers to Paddock as the Boogeyman. “Because he is our worst nightmare come true. Doesn’t fit the profile of anything that we’ve seen before, and that’s what law enforcement looks at.”

He points out that Steve Wynn referred to freight elevators in an earlier interview and “now today we find out that there’s a possibility that Paddock used the freight elevator at Mandalay Bay,” saying it’s interesting that he had they information before they did.

In the second video, the maintenance engineer, Stephen Schuck, describes the incident, clearly stating that once he had heard the gunfire and been warned by security officer Jesus Campos, he told himself to remain calm and called in the shooter to his dispatch.

Now MGM Resorts, which owns Mandalay Bay, is disputing the new timeline, as it potentially shifts the responsibility for the delay that likely increased the loss of life to their property and staff. The investigators are standing firm with the new revised timeline.

Sutton reveals LV cops were on property but not advised of shooter on 32nd floor

Second Employee, Maintenance Worker states he radioed in attacker at the same time Campos did.

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