Sessions DOJ Good Old Boys Arguing Against Releasing Evidence Of Comey Corruption

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By Rick Wells

Why are Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice lawyers arguing in court on behalf of those attempting to railroad President Trump out of office?  DOJ lawyers have asked a federal judge to block memoswritten by the corrupt former FBI Director, James Comey, from being released.

Comey’s perspective on the issue makes sense, he’s guilty and he wants to limit his exposure to prosecution. The less we know and the less evidence that is available to support a case against him, the better his position.

But why is Sessions also taking that same stance, particularly in light of the fact that Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and the new FBI Director who replaced him, Christopher Wray, are all peas in the same pod of corruption? Did they make room in that pod for one more, the AG himself?

At issue is a request for the release of memos written by Comey, supposedly immediately following conversations with President Trump. Sessions’ DOJ is taking the position that releasing the documents to the public would be “detrimental” to the Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt, the same charade over which Sessions initially abdicated his responsibility as Attorney General.

Sessions now appears to have effectively joined with President Trump’s persecutors. DOJ attorneys made their arguments in a court filing submitted Friday. They were responding to a FOIA lawsuit filed to force the release of the Comey memos by several news organizations, including The Daily Caller, CNN and USA Today.

Comey gave one of those memos to a friend of his with instructions to leak it to the New York Times. Comey admitted to that serious illegal conduct in hearings before the Senate Intelligence committee. It’s an obvious violation of multiple federal felony statutes, yet FBI Director Wray, Comey and Mueller’s longtime comrade, confirmed that Comey isn’t being prosecuted or even investigated.

His crony Mueller continues the witch hunt as a means to not only attack President Trump, but also a way to insulate Comey from accountability, a misapplication of justice that Sessions is now arguing in favor of.

Comrade Sessions’ attorneys also argued in their filing that releasing the Comey documents could “reveal the scope and focus of the investigation and thereby harm the investigation” and potential prosecutions.

How does releasing the documents to the public interfere with the scope of the investigation? Comey knows what’s in the memos and so do the FBI.  The memos were written months after the Russia, Russia, Russia started. How can they have any impact on that case that only exists in the minds and false claims of anti-American Democrats?

The threat lies in their material support of a case against Comey, who Wray has already stated is not under investigation. They couldn’t compromise a case that can’t be made of collusion by Trump with documents that were created months after the alleged actions took place. Neither can they compromise an investigation of Comey when Wray has already stated that there is none.

On the other hand, Comey admitted to his guilt before Congress. His buddy and successor, FBI Director Wray, is giving him the Clinton treatment. Their argument is obviously nothing to do with protecting the integrity of a case and all about protecting integrity challenged individuals.

The American people who elected this President have a right to know the legitimacy of efforts to supplant him and the guilt of those involved in serious felonies of their own. This case that doesn’t exist, the witch hunt, shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to produce documents, or in any other way used as a protective cover to hide the serious crimes of Comey and other crooked officials.

Sessions’ lawyers wrote, “Publicly explaining in any greater detail why the release of the Comey Memos would be detrimental to the pending investigation would itself disclose law enforcement sensitive information that could interfere with the pending investigation.”

That’s what they always say.

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