Dobbs, Fitton – Corruption Permeates FBI, DOJ – No Case Solved Since Fast and Furious

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By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs points out that Fusion GPS, the opposition research and creative writing company that Democrats hired to do compile dirt on President Trump and which created the discredited Trump Russia dossier is fighting back against Congressional subpoenas.

Dobbs describes the lawyers representing the Fusion scumbags sarcastically as “noble” in their arguments that, “The House Intelligence Committee is acting in bad faith,” and threatening to “plead the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify.”

Dobbs also references thirty documents related to the Bill ClintonLoretta Lynch tarmac meeting that the FBI had previously claimed didn’t exist but that a similar suit for information from the DOJ revealed, through their correspondence with the FBI, actually did exist.

He asks if perhaps Judicial Watch was being lied to when the FBI told them the documents didn’t exist earlier this year, and discusses that point and others with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Fitton says he doesn’t think the changing story at the FBI was an oversight or an honest mistake, saying, “I think we caught them, we caught them red-handed, and now they’ve had to fess up to the documents.”

Dobbs says, “This sort of tell you what the problem is. The American people have a government that is corrupt. The American people have a government, and it’s not necessarily because someone takes money, although I’m sure there’s lots of that, but is so politicized it’s politically corrupt and ideologically corrupt.”

Dobbs asks when will the documents be forthcoming and “will there be words actually still on the pages when you get them?” Fitton replies, “Well, that’s the big question. The government says they need up until November 30th to turn the documents over to us.”

An outraged Lou Dobbs jumps in, “Thirty pages, they can’t read thirty pages in less than a month and a half.” Fitton takes a turn at the sarcasm saying that the new FBI Director, the good old boy who has been a Mueller – Comey crony for decades, Christopher Wray, “might want to ask questions about what went on here.”

He says, “The idea they didn’t know they had documents just strains credulity. And this is why Wray and Jeff Sessions, to the degree he’s not recused, because he may be recused from this, I don’t know, Rod Rosenstein, whoever the responsible official is needs to take a look at this.”

“This is a fundamental question, “says Fitton, “of whether we can trust our nation’s law enforcement agency, the FBI and the Justice Department, not to break the law and not to be dishonest.  We’re in the middle of a court case here and they tell us they don’t have documents.”

He says, “You know, what are we supposed to do, go to the court every time saying the FBI is lying? We’ve got to rely on the FBI and the Justice Department to tell us the truth from time to time.”

Dobbs asks why the “people should have any other belief about the FBI now than that’s where investigations go to die?” He says, “I can’t think of a major scandal that has been resolved by the investigation of the FBI, can you Tom?”

He continues, “I’m talking about going back to Fast and Furious, you name it, they never reach a conclusion. Benghazi, they never reach a conclusion, there’s never a report, this is something rancid and wrong at Justice.”

Fitton adds the IRS scandals to the list of unresolved claims and says, “Especially when the Justice Department or the FBI are implicated in the scandals, you’re never going to get the truth or it’s going to be difficult to do so

He cites an example, saying, “Just last week we’re asking for the Comey memos, we sued for the Comey memos that he supposedly wrote. The Justice Department came in and said  we can’t have one of them, any of it, because it would interfere with Mueller’s investigation.”

He adds, “So now this Justice Department is working with Mueller to keep information that Comey leaked to the New York Times away from the American people, unbelievable.

Dobbs gets the last word, noting, “And the Republican Senate leadership and the Republican House leadership haven’t got the guts to say ‘enough’ and end it now.”

One case they solved was Edward Snowden – likely because they feared he had the goods on them.

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