Las Vegas massacre investigation takes DISTURBING turn…

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By Derrick Wilburn

The farther we get from the massacre in Las Vegas the more questions seem to pop up. One doesn’t have to travel very far on social media or even in some cases on mainstream media news sites to stumble upon a plethora of commentary ranging from all-out conspiracy theories to analysis of facts that just don’t seem to add up.

Now we can add another log to the smoldering conspiracy fire. Fox News is reporting today on Jesus Campos, a Mandalay Bay security guard who was supposed to be going public with eye-witness information he had about the deadly shooting but who now has seemingly vanished into thin air.

“The Mandalay Bay security guard who disappeared last week moments before he was scheduled to break his silence in television interviews has not been heard from since he went to a walk-in health clinic, his union president said.

David Hickey of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) told reporters Friday that he got a text the night before saying Jesus Campos was taken to a UMC Quick Care facility, though he did not specify where or whom the text came from.

A spokesperson at the UMC Quick Care, which has eight locations throughout the Las Vegas area, told Fox News on Monday that they had “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them.

Multiple requests from Fox News for SPFPA to comment on the matter were not returned Monday.

Hickey said he was meeting with MGM officials Thursday afternoon in the hours before Campos’ scheduled television appearances, including one with Fox News. But when the meeting ended, Campos had fled.

“For the past four days he’s been preparing … we had a meeting with MGM officials, and after that meeting was over, we talked about the interviews, we went to a private area, and when we came out, Mr. Campos was gone,” Hickey told reporters, according to Fox 5 Las Vegas.

Hickey said Campos had requested to go public and wanted to tell his story and move on from the Oct. 1 shooting investigation. Police say he was shot just before the crazed gunman killed 58 at music festival on the Las Vegas Strip – though the sequence of events is still in dispute.

Campos was last photographed in public on Oct. 10, accepting an “SPFPA Hero Award” for bravery in the line of duty, while dining with Hickey and others at a high-end Vegas steakhouse. But soon afterward, investigators said that the security guard was shot before the massacre, raising questions about whether the hotel did enough to prevent the bloodshed.

Hickey has said that before he vanished, Campos was looking forward to telling his side of the story.”

Amid ever-changing stories and accounts of what actually went down that night authorities have seemed to settle on the fact that Campos was the one person and possibly the only person who was shot before the massacre began. Needless to say his insights are likely to be highly unique and media outlets were anxious to hear his telling of what went down that night. For the time being however, the media and the rest of us will have to wait until Mr. Campos resurfaces and starts singing. If he ever does.

For the record, the fact-checking site Snopes maintains Campos is NOT missing — it’s just that he’s traumatized by the whole experience and would rather stay out of the limelight.

Well, is there a difference between “missing” and “haven’t been heard from” other than semantics? Hm.

[NOTE: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn, Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and a speaker, author, columnist and analyst for multiple print and broadcast media outlets. Follow him on Facebookand at]

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