Dobbs – Grassley To Investigate Clinton Uranium One – Can Sessions Handle It?

By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the four and a half hour appearance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, his interactions with the Senators and his sometimes suspect responses and assertions.

He notes that Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Charles Grassley, “Has finally ordered the committee to investigate the Uranium One deal, a deal that transferred twenty percent of US uranium assets to the control of Russia.”

Dobbs points out that it “resulted in almost $150 million in donations, perhaps bribes is the better and more accurate word, to the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary was serving as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.”

He continues, “Involved in the administration’s investigation of Russian bribery were a lot of other well-known names now: Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, now special counsel. Then US Attorney Rod Rosenstein, now the Deputy Attorney General, who appointed Mueller as special counsel. And the FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, who himself if under investigation as well.”

“Sessions defended Rosenstein,” notes Dobbs, “when asked whether he should recuse himself from any investigation in the so-called Russian bribery scandal.” He plays a clip of Sessions responding, effectively recusing himself once again from any involvement in yet another important issue, saying, “It would be his decision, he’s a man of integrity and ability. If he feels he has an inability to proceed with any investigation it would be his responsibility to make that determination.”

It’s absurd, given his obvious conflicts, that he’s being allowed to make that decision himself, if in fact he is. Sessions also fails to point out the greater risk posed by this supposed man of integrity, that of him continuing to operate in that capacity when he has a conflict of interest, or several, as in the case of the man he appointed, Robert Mueller. Clearly Sessions has an aversion to making tough, unpleasant decisions.

Dobbs comments, “All of this as pressure mounts for an investigation into the exoneration of Hillary Clinton by fired FBI Director Comey, who wrote a letter absolving her before interviewing her or other key witnesses.”

“The Department of Justice apparently hasn’t taken action,” says Dobbs, “on Comey, on Clinton or Clintons, or the highly suspicious and pernicious activities of Fusion GPS. The Department, along with the FBI, only stonewalling congressional investigators on the Trump dossier and Fusion GPS.”

“Sessions combative today,” said Dobbs, “in refusing to give the committee any account of his privileged White House conversations and frustrating even the members of the committee who are ostensibly on his side.”

“Whatever his reasons,” Dobbs says, “it’s well past time for Sessions now to demonstrate to the American people that he will bring high energy and purpose to the investigation of eight sordid years under ‘president’ Obama and, yes, the Clintons.”

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