Barbara Bush Slams President Trump and Women Who Support Him

Barbara Bush, former first lady, and wife of former US president George H.W. Bush, does not quite understand the women who support and have supported Mr. Trump during the campaign trail over her son, Jeb Bush.

During an interview with CBS News’ ‘CBS This Morning,’ Mrs. Bush perceived President Trump as obscene and misogynistic due to the President’s use of expletives on the campaign trail. Barbara was probably referring to Mr. Trump’s notorious, lewd audio tape in which he can be heard using inappropriate and obscene language about groping women on their genitals.

Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida who has run several unsuccessful campaigns for the presidency, has said of Trump:

“I don’t think a president would have ever shouted profanities in a speech in front of thousands of people with kids in the crowd. He does it all the time.”

“Yes, I mean unbelievable,” Jeb noted.

In the discussion with CBS, Barbara denounced Mr. Trump’s relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin:

“Putin has endorsed him, for heaven’s sakes. Putin the killer, Putin the worst. That’s an endorsement you don’t want,” Barbara said.

She also added that her son, Jeb, is an honest, dedicated, and dependable man.

“He’s almost too polite,” said the 92-year-old.

“I don’t advise him but if I gave him advice I would say, ‘Why don’t you interrupt like the other people do?’”

“He’s so polite. We brought him up that way. He’s got the same values that America seems to have lost. And he does not brag like someone else we know,” Barbara concluded.

Though we, the people, are extremely grateful for the services both Barbara and George H.W. Bush have contributed to this country, that is not to say that she is 100% correct in her remarks about Trump.

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