Chinese Professor – China Will Strike N Korea Militarily On Next Provocation

By Rick Wells

Is a war between China and North Korea a real possibility? According to one academic with close ties to China, the Chinese government has already sent that message and warning to Pyongyang.

Chong Sho-Hu, a professor of international relations at the Renmin University, in Beijing, said North Korea was “seeking death.” He stated as well that the era of friendship between North Korea and China is now over.

He reported that Chinese President Xi has become “fed up” with the unpredictable, provocative behavior of Kim Jong-un. In an interview with the BBC, he warned that just one more missile test could be enough “to push the country off the cliff.”

Xi Jinping is reported in the UK’s Express as being “boiling with fury” following the most recent North Korean missile test, which came just as China was ramping up to host a global economic conference. They quote former US ambassador to China Max Baucus as stating recently that the only time he has ever seen President Xi use “undiplomatic language” was in reference to Kim Jong-un.

Professor Sho-Hu has ties to China’s defense and foreign affairs establishment. He suggested that the time may be right for a military solution to the North Korea problem. He said, “The Chinese government is mad, China’s top leader is mad. China wants to punish North Korea.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

He added, “China once had special relations with the Soviet Union but they had war with that country. They also had a very special relationship with Vietnam but then they had a war with them in 1979. The relationship between China and North Korea is worse than both of those. I will say, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies.”

He added, “North Korea is in an awkward situation. No country has ever encountered such tough sanctions before. If they do nothing, they will starve to death. If they do another ICBM test, they will seek to die. North Korea is standing on the edge of a deep cliff, one light blow could push this country of the cliff.”

Asked if one more missile test could trigger war, he agreed that it could. At least on its face that certainly seems like the best possible solution for President Trump. Kim is China’s chihuahua that’s forgotten its house training. Let them be the ones to roll up the newspaper.


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