Nunes Complains Sessions DOJ Obstructing Probes of Crooked Democrats

By Rick Wells

Tucker Carlson interviews House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes on the status of the Democrat corruption web that is rapidly unfolding before our eyes, asking about the rumored FBI funding of the Fusion GPS dossier.

Nunes says they don’t know yet know whether or not that is the case. He says, “What we know so far, that we believe to be factual, from the Washington Post piece, is that the Democrats paid for the dossier, they paid Fusion GPS for the dossier, we believe that.”

He continues, “But we have Fusion GPS that pled the Fifth, so they refused to testify. They’re now trying to block us from getting information, to get to financial records of who they paid, who they could have paid, who they hired, all these sorts of things they’re trying to block us on that.”

Carlson asks what grounds they’re attempting to block that access, “On what grounds could you say we don’t have a right to know that?”

Nunes replies, “I mean look, we’ve subpoenaed the documents and we’re waiting with the House General Counsel now representing us in court. But when you plead the Fifth and then you go to court to try to block us from getting the information and then it gets leaked to the Washington Post that the DNC and the Hillary campaign paid for this, I think we have a problem.”

Now I think the next focus is going to be on whether or not, did the FBI use this dossier to get any warrants? Did they use it to open up a counterintelligence operation? And if they did, if they’re using unverified information to open up inquiries into American citizens, I think we have a big problem.”

Carlson makes the point that what was just described by Nunes was done at the direction or on behalf of a political campaign, making it much worse. Noting that the information is unverified and much of it demonstrably false, with the intent to influence the outcome of an election.

He says, “So it’s a pretty simple question. You’re the chairman of one of the most powerful committees in the House of Representatives, why can’t you get an answer?” Nunes replies, “You would think we would be able to and that is the problem.”

Nunes points out, “This is why the Speaker of the House came out this morning and called on DOJ to provide this information immediately to the House of Representatives. And this is why we’re in court now, just trying to get this information.”

He reminds Carlson and the viewers that “This has been since March. It’s not like this is new, we didn’t just stumble into this. There subpoenas were issued almost 60 days ago.” Attempting to understand the basis for the lawless actions of the FBI, Carlson says, “But the FBI is not its own country, it can’t make its own unilateral decisions, right?”

Nunes notes sarcastically that the last time he checked they were a creation of the United States Congress. Carlson asks, “Is there anything more terrifying than the prospect of an armed rogue agency? Nunes answers, “No, no, and I think that’s the challenge here. If you had an unverified dossier paid for by political opponents, in this case the Democrat Party, that then the FBI is taking and using to open up investigations into a campaign or into other Americans, we are on a slippery slope.”

“I think this is what you see in third world countries,” says Nunes, “where the party in power uses the intelligence services for their political gain. You don’t see that in the United States of America.”

Maybe it would be a more accurate statement to say you never “used to” see it, chairman Nunes. Tucker asks if anyone from the FBI has yet explained why they are engaging in this obstruction to which Nunes replies that they have not.

After noting that the Podesta parasites were lobbying on behalf of the Russians he asks if anyone is going to get to the bottom of this and ask the obvious question of the quid pro quo. Nunes gives a general overview of what they’re looking at in this far-reaching corruption can of Democrat swamp worms.

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