Lindsey Graham Just Told Illegals, ‘You Make America A Better Place’, What’s Wrong With Him?

by Chris Reynolds

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has been a thorn in President Donald Trump’s side on many issues. One of the ways Sen. Graham has diverged with President Trump’s conservative agenda mostly sharply has been in regard to what we should do with illegal immigrants in our country.

So-called Republican Graham has found himself on the same side as Democrats like Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in wanting illegal “Dreamers” to have a path to full citizenship instead of being sent back to their home countries for trespassing here unlawfully.

In a cringeworthy display, Sen. Graham recently stood with a group of “Dreamers” and publicly declared to them, “So here’s how this movie ends — your dream is going to come true.” The group of more than 100 illegal immigrants with him all cheered at that line.

The South Carolina Republican wasn’t done. He continued, “All of you are going to have certainty in your lives. You’re going to get a chance to go out there and live that dream and you’ll make America a better place.”

Sen. Graham somehow did not take into consideration how these young illegal immigrants would be directly competing for jobs with American citizens. Instead, Graham reaffirmed his support for the Dream Act of 2017, which he introduced to the Senate, saying, “Here’s the deal. I’ve never felt better about the Dream Act than I do right now.” He claimed to illegal immigrants, “The American people have heard you. They share your dream and overwhelmingly support your dream.” Do you think Graham needs to get voted out of Washington?

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