Rep Schiff Running Scared, Backs Off Russia – Now Says Wait For Evidence

Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA

By Rick Wells

Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) finds himself in a difficult position. He’s been the head majorette out in front of the Russia, Russia, Russia marching band. Now that the song is coming to an end and he’s being shown to have been knowingly pushing a lie as a subversive enemy of the United States, he’s having to take some preemptive defensive measures.

It’s not just the future and freedom of one bobble-head Congressman that is at stake, the whole Democrat Party leadership, the entire upper reaches of its hierarchy, could soon be wearing orange jumpsuits, or worse.

The anti-Trump propagandist host leads him along to the familiar drumbeat on the customary path that ends with the completely unfounded call for impeachment by those who haven’t sufficient intellect to realize how ignorant they are. She even references one of them, the mental midget Maxine Waters, as being on the same program. Schiff begins what will likely develop into a new face and rear-end saving posture, one that signals a change in Democrat tactics.

The host asks Schiff if he believes personally that Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense. Of course all one has to do is read the Constitution to know he hasn’t, but that doesn’t advance their agenda. However, that agenda has been promising more than it can deliver, and now the Democrat crimes are entering the public arena. Their time to hunt for witches is coming to an end, as is evident from the desperation indictments Mueller just delivered in his naked attempt to cling to his illicit power and save their hides.

Schiff suddenly remembers his experience of having tried an impeachment case before, saying, “And I realize what a high bar it is.” He’s admitting that bar involves actually having evidence, which he doesn’t, as well as your special counsel not being a dirty cop and racketeer.

He’s now attempting to back out of this as gracefully and as quickly as he can, blaming not their own complicity in falsifying the entire conspiracy and its underlying documents, but that the Republicans won’t vote for it simply because they are afraid of their constituents. They’re the same constituents they had a year ago, but now Schiff would have us believe they’ve unexpectedly fallen victims to an outbreak of constituentaphobia, the fear of being ousted by angry voters.

He faults President Trump for pointing out that the Democrats are trying to invalidate the election, the very mission they are on and in which Schiff is playing a leading role. As his partner in crime, host Joy Reid, finds herself now more willing to wait for the evidence and nods in agreement, Schiff preaches his new message – patience.

Their witch hunt is coming to an end. He knows it and he just told us that he knows it. He wants to stay out of prison himself and to do so the bobble-headed majorette has to lead the band in a different direction. It appears he just took those first steps.

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