Dems Pull “White Redneck Running Over Brown Kids” Campaign Ad After NYC Attack

By Rick Wells

Race-baiting is certainly nothing new for Democrats, it’s their bread and butter, the essence of their identity politics. What makes them the party of minorities are their unfounded accusations that their opposition targets them and the equally ludicrous contention that they are their protectors.

The globalist Democrats are exploiters of anything and everything that can be used to their advantage. People, things, groups, governments, anything that gives them a benefit or harms their opponents will be exploited.

The despicable racist advertisement in the Virginia governor’s race  accuses Republicans, patriots, those who respect our nation and its laws and constitution and anyone supporting President Trump or Ed Gillespie as evil and racist.

It depicts one of those white racist rednecks driving his stereotypical pickup truck with a Confederate Battle Flag mounted to the rear, an Ed Gillespie for governor bumper sticker and a “don’t tread on me” license plate. You can’t get more anti-white unless you portray the white redneck engaged in a racist act, which is exactly what they do.

The ad features a Mexican kid running down the sidewalk in fear for his life as the redneck paces him from the street. He meets up with two of his other minority friends, a black kid and a Muslim girl and warns them, “the gringo is going to run us over,” or something to that effect, as they all run together and end up down a dead end alley with the truck barreling towards them.

Fortunately for them it was all a dream, as we see as each one wakes up in their own bed. We’re then shown some propaganda made to look like a television program warning against “the evil of Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump.”

We’re supposed to infer that the corpses be lying like speed bumps in every Virginia roadway as Election Day brings open season on all non-gringos and the white privileged terrorists use their new favored weapons, pickup trucks, to kill innocent people because of the color of their skin.

They had the misfortune of running the offensive ads at the same time that the brown foreigner New York Terrorist attacked and murdered eight innocent people and maimed many more. Somehow, in view of that horrific act, they were able to see that the trash they were putting in front of the Virginia voters might now be seen as being in poor taste. They have now pulled the ads from the air.

Hopefully the damage has been done, people will recognize the inappropriateness of the ad and  it will blow up in their faces, with voters rejecting the tactic. Maybe they’ll vote for the Republican out of disgust, if not because he would be the best man to clean up the corrupt Obama-style mess left by Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe.

There’s no political creature lower than a Democrat or a RINO. They continue to provide us with more proof on a daily basis, be it in a campaign or on the “job.”

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