Gutierrez Vows Impeachment By Thanksgiving And A New Subversive Group

Luis Gutierrez, a vocal anti-American Democrat commie agitator, is openly committing sedition under the supposed cover of the Constitution, on grounds not found in the…

By Rick Wells

The Congressional cockroach, Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), is a communist from Puerto Rico who has no legitimate place anywhere in American government. It’s only natural that he excelled in Chicago as a member of the Democrat Party.

The day after a terrorist left eight people dead in New York City, Gutierrez is vowing to file “impeachment measures,” whatever that means, before Thanksgiving. Good for him. It will be something he and his fellow America-haters can be thankful for over the holiday break.

Gutierrez told the Hill on Wednesday, “It is clear to us that he is unfit to be president of the United States of America.” Gutierrez, apparently frustrated that the Russia, Russia, Russia has only led to Clinton-Mueller-Obama and other Democrat comrades, now is seeking to file something, no matter how ridiculous, absent a high crime or misdemeanor. He’ll use the subjective pretext of  “unfitness,” a reference to Trump’s strong belief in the Constitution.

Gutierrez is obviously aware that what he’s blathering about has no Constitutional basis, but commies don’t care about things like that. Democrats, as Obama made painfully clear, are the party of rationalization and justification on the fly, of “the end justifies the means,” the “right thing to do” and “not who we are.” Gutierrez only offered his personal guarantee, telling the Hill, “I assure you we will not leave you lacking for reason.”

The Roach indicated he’s working to form his own little commie cabal with America-hating Democrats who have already called for a similar, “because he’s MAGA, not Hillary Clinton and America first” basis for impeachment. They’ll need a name, like the Congressional Black Caucus or the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. They could call themselves Congressional Anti-Cracker Commie Caucus.

In implying that’s the direction he’s moving, in concert with his fellow subversives, Gutierrez told the Hill, “I appreciate what single members have done. I think it’s time to do a group.”

That’s what Marshall Applewhite told his Heaven’s Gate followers before they mixed Phenobarbital into applesauce and pudding and washed it down with vodka.  Do you like the color purple, Gutierrez? Are you stumped for an initiation ritual for your new subversive club?


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