*(What would have happend if a white person did this with Obama?) – Snoop Dogg Poses Over Trump Corpse…

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Well, it’s November, which means the season of familial discord is fast approaching.

As you know, this year has offered a wealth of potential topics of conversation that are sure to trigger a third coronary event for your Uncle Lou.

So you probably don’t need any help infuriating your more conservative relatives, but just in case you need a hand, Snoop D-O-double-G is happy to assist:

That’s the cover of Snoop’s newly-released album Make America Crip Again.

As you can see, the photo isn’t exactly subtle in its anti-Trump sentiment.

Paying homage to Ice Cube’s 1991 album Death Certificate, Snoop is seen sipping from a Crip-blue Solo cup glaring down at the corpse of the Donald.

It’s not the rapper’s first political controversy this year, as back in March, a video in which Snoop pretends to assassinate Trump made major waves on social media.

Needless to say, lots of folks on Twitter have been thoroughly butthurt by Snoop’s brand of satire, but most of them have Pepe the Frog avatars, and thus, their opinions aren’t to be taken seriously.

“Snoop Dogg’s career is running on fumes, hence the need to jump on the refuge of the talentless – the Trump Derangement Syndrome bandwagon,” one snowflake said about the platinum-selling music legend who currently hosts two television shows.

“HOW DOES THIS PRICK get away with this crap?” tweeted a guy who we probably don’t need to tell you has a photo of a very angry-looking bald eagle as his profile pic.

For his part, Snoop has yet to sound off on the controversy.

And thankfully, against all odds, the president hasn’t tweeted about either.

Of course, Trump has a lot on his plate these days, so he might be a bit distracted at the moment.

Hey, there’s a fun game!

Test your friends’ prejudice levels by showing them photos of Snoop and Trump and asking them to guess which one is worried about going to prison because all his friends are getting indicted.

You can lob that one at Uncle Lou over pumpkin pie, but make sure you’ve got a defibrillator handy!

Better yet, put your version of the poll on social media and enjoy a few mild strokes of your own.

After all, Twitter is basically what would happen if you let the kids sit at the grownup table and got them loaded on gin and it turned out the kids were super racist

2 thoughts on “*(What would have happend if a white person did this with Obama?) – Snoop Dogg Poses Over Trump Corpse…

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I really think the president should make a photo of himself holding a mug of coffee, and a corpse (black) with a toe tag “SNOOP DOGG”.
    That would be perfect.

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